Conference on the Work of Frances Tustin. Emerging of the Self. Berlin, 16-18 april 2010

Dal 16/04/2010 ore 15:00 al 18/04/2010 ore 19:00

The 5th International Conference on the Work of Frances Tustin The Emerging of the Self April 16 – 18, 2010 Logenhaus, Emser Strasse 12-13, D-10717 Berlin (Germany) Preliminary Programme Friday, April 16 15.00-19.00h Registration 16.00-16.30h Welcoming address by Ursula Reiser-Mumme, BPI Judith Mitrani, Tustin Trust Gerhard Schneider, DPV Andreas Heinz, Humboldt Universität 16.30-17.30h Introduction: B. Nissen (Germany) The Emerging of the Self -Theoretical and Clinical Considerations 17.30-19.00h Introduction: D. Rosenfeld (Argentina) The Creation of the Language and the Self Video: I am a real kid 19.00h Welcome Cocktail Saturday, April 17 09.00-10.30h Maria Rhode (Great Britain) Shapes on the threshold: Some Milestones in Children emerging from Autism General discussion 11.00-12.30h Luisa Busch de Ahumada & Jorge Ahumada (Argentina) Some further Clinical Thoughts on Autistic Mimesis General discussion 12.30-14.00h Lunch Please mark your choice for Clinical and Theoretical Seminars as well as for supervisions. Please note that most of the seminars and supervisions run parallel. 14.00-15.30h ?Clinical Seminar: Chiara Cattelan (Italy) ..... Die Augen zu wie vor zu vieler Ferne (Rilke) - (Eyes closed for fear of too much remoteness) - Reality and Illusion in a child with autism 14.00-15.30h ?Clinical Seminar: Gerhard Schneider (Germany) From the autistoid position to the oedipal level. The development of inner space in the treatment of a patient with a severe borderline pathology ?Theoretical Seminar: Alina Schellekes (Israel) Shadow and Double: Illusion of absence and presence in the emergence of self EXTRA: ?PA in Berlin: Ludger Hermanns (Germany) – (also organises Psychoanalytical City Tour on Sunday) Psychoanalysis in Berlin – Explorations into the first hundred years ?Supervision: David Rosenfeld (Argentina) & Suzanne Maiello (Italy) ?Supervision: J. & T. Mitrani (USA) & Didier Houzel (France) 16.00-17.30h ?Clinical Seminar: Suzanne Maiello (Italy) NO-BODY – notes on the absence of physical awareness in autistic children ?Clinical Seminar: Angelika Staehle (Germany) “I am you and you are me” – from the enactment of archaic twin roles to the beginnings of separation and a “psychisation” of the self. The analysis of a nine years old handicapped girl with autistic features ?Theoretical Seminar: Hermann Beland (Germany) “I have no idea what it might mean what I am feeling” – no news from a grey nothingness. About the gradual emerging from a newborn anorexia after traumatic insults. ?Theoretical Seminar: Kate Barrow (Great Britain) Mourning in autism and narcissism EXTRA: ?Self&Culture: Andreas Heinz (Germany) Transcultural aspects of self construction ?Supervision: Luisa Busch de Ahumada & Jorge Ahumada (Argentina) ?Supervision: Chiara Cattelan (Italy) & Alina Schellekes (Israel) 20.00h Gala Dinner Sunday. April 18 09.00-10.30h Ludwig Haesler (Germany) “Shall hate be fairer lodg’d than gentle love?” Struggling for Survival and Autonomy General discussion 11.00-12.30h Judith Mitrani (USA) “Trying to enter the long Black Branches: Implications of the Work of Frances Tustin for the Analysis of Ordinary Adult Patients” 12.30h Farewell Cocktail Programme committee: Bernd Nissen, Salwa Meier, Dorothee v. Tippelskirch-Eissing Speakers/Lectureres: Jorge L. Ahumada is training analyst at the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association, Mary S. Sigourney Awardee and Honorary Member of the British Psychoanalytical Society. He has published in eight languages. Kate Barrows, is a training analyst of the British Psychoanalytical Society and a Tavistock trained child psychotherapist working in Bristol. She had edited “Autism in Childhood and Autistic Features in Adults”. Karnac 2008. Hermann Beland, training analyst in private practice (Berlin). Former president of the German Psychoanalytic Association (DPV). Numerous publications on issues of theory and technique of psychoanalysis. Luisa C. Busch de Ahumada is full member, Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association, and IPA child analyst. She has written on autism and child psychoanalysis in major journals. Chiara Cattelan child psychiatrist, member of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society. Benefited from Tustin‘s supervision. Chaired the third Tustin Memorial Trust International Conference: Beyond Autistic Barriers, Venice 2006. Ludwig Haesler, M.D.. Psychoanalyst in private practice (Berlin). Numerous publications on issues of theory and technique of psychoanalysis as well as on interdisciplinary topics (mainly concerning the relationship of psychoanalysis and philosophy, music, literature and art). Andreas Heinz, MD, director and chair, Dept. of Psychiary, Charité Berlin (CCM). Studied medicine, anthropology and philosophy. MD 1988, Professor of Addiction Research (Univ. Heidelberg) 2000, Prof. of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (Humboldt Univ. Berlin) 2002. Ludger M. Hermanns, psychoanalyst in private practice in Berlin, Psychosomatic Consultant, Honarary Archivist of DPV and BPI, Editor of "Jahrbuch der Psychoanalyse" and books on history of psychoanalysis. Didier Houzel (France), Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Member of the French Psychoanalytic Association, won the Frances Tustin Memorial Prize in 2002. Suzanne Maiello, Dr. psych., Italian Association of Psychoanalytic Child Psychotherapy. Supervision with Frances Tustin (1978-1980). International Frances Tustin Memorial Prize (1997). Publications and co-author of books on autistic states. Judith L. Mitrani, PhD, FIPA- Training/Supervising Analyst, Psychoanalytic Center of California. Author of published books and papers, founding/current Chair, Frances Tustin Memorial Trust, private practice with adults in Los Angeles. Theodore Mitrani, Ph.D., training child and adult analyst at the Psychoanalytic Center of California and The Newport Psychoanalytic Institute. Co-editor of books and publication in serveral journals. On the Board of Trustees of The International Frances Tustin Memorial Trust. Bernd Nissen, Dr. phil., training analyst in private practice (Berlin). Several publications on hypochondria and autistoid states. Editor of “Autistische Phänomene in psychoanalytischen Behandlungen” (2006) and „Entstehung des Seelischen” (2009) (Psycho-sozial Verlag) Maria Rhode (London) is Professor of Child Psychotherapy at the Tavistock Clinic, with a longstanding particular interest in autistic spectrum disorders. David Rosenfeld, training analyst, Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Society, ex vice president IPA; consultant Professor of Buenos Aires University. Sigourney Award 1996; Hayman Prize 2007. Member of the Board of the IJPA. Several publications in books and journals. Alina Schellekes, training psychoanalyst at the Israeli Psychoanalytic Society; Head of the Primitive Mental States program, Program of Psychotherapy, Tel Aviv University; one of the recipients of the Phyllis Meadow Award, 2006, New York; International Frances Tustin Prize, 2008. Gerhard Schneider, Dr. phil., Dipl.-Psych., Dipl.-Math., training analyst, president of the German Psychoanalytic Association (DPV). Special interests: identity, internalization, treatment and art. Angelika Staehle, training child and adult analyst. Director of the training of the German Psychoanalytic Association (DPV). Publications on theory and technique in Child- and Adultpsychoanalysis, special interests in primitive mental states , the nature of the Unconscious from Freud to Klein and Bion, projective identification and autistic phenomena.


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